Wishing for Wind

I am addicted to signing up for things. When I go to a club fair, I will, without a doubt, sign up for at least 8 more activities than can feasibly fit in my schedule. But this form-signing enthusiasm paid off when I got on the list for the Surfing Sailing and Windsurfing Club trip to Jervis Bay! We carpooled, which meant I got a chance to befriend more international students. The group was mostly comprised of Norwegians, with a few French, English, and American.IMG_2277

After breaking the trailer filled with water sports gear on a speed bump, and subsequently fixing it with string, the 25 of of us arrived at the rental house. Yes, we fit 25 in a house that claimed to sleep 10. The next morning, I carefully stepped through the tetris of inflated mattresses carpeting the floor, and emerged onto the deck. One of the guys walked past me with 2 fistfuls of bacon, which he threw onto the grill. Everything can and will be grilled here, from eggs to toast. Red solo cups make acceptable cereal holding vessels.

After lathering up in sun cream, we walked to the white sand beach. I attempted to windsurf, but there was simply not enough wind. Paddle boarding was a much more fruitful activity. My new friend Malvika volunteered to be my passenger/goPro holder. The water was so clear, and it was easy to watch the fish. I also did some skim boarding. After several failed attempts, I got the hang of it again. In the afternoon, I got to skipper a catamaran! I loved sitting on the trampoline. WE SAW BABY DOLPHINS!! I tried my best to follow them, but there was not enough wind to keep up.


The club leaders pumped us up for a sunset walk. We traversed across beaches and rocky planes. When we arrived at our destination, we were greeted with pizza, which we ate while gazing at the sunset. We then walked blindly through the woods to get back to the house. The night ended with a bonfire on the beach, late into the night.


Sunday was surfing day. Splitting into cars, we drove to Cave Beach. After acquiring some surfboards, we carried them on our heads down a long path to the beach. After an extremely brief lesson, I entered the water. The waves could not have been more perfect. I stayed in the water the entire time, catching as many waves as possible. I was exhausted by the time I was called out of the water.

Right at the campground near the showers where we were rinsing the boards, there were wild kangaroos! They were über friendly and let me pet them. They are so soft!!