It’s Better at the Beach

IMG_2222Sydney is a glorious city. I went with a bunch of international friends to do the Coogee-to-Bondi beach walk. We started at Coogee beach, and walked along a path that took us to beach after beach, interspersed with sneaky lagoons. It took us about two hours because we kept jumping into the water at each different location. There were lap pools filled with sea water, but I would not want to swim in those, since they looked slimy and the inviting ocean was right there next to them. When we finally arrived at the famous Bondi Beach, my Canadian friend Elyssa and I swam, diving off the drop-off and letting the waves wash us up into the shallows.

I was lucky enough to go to Manly Beach to watch the final day of the Australian Open of Surfing! My American buddy Pringle (yes that is what we call her) and I hoped on the ferry, taking advantage of the $2.50 all day public transportation in Sydney, and enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the touristy Manly area. It was hot sitting on the sand, watching talented surfers do amazing things, so we got up several times to jump into the refreshing water. For lunch I experienced Cheeky Nandos for the first time. I like spicy, so I enjoyed trying all the sauce options.