I Vegemite Not Come Back

After saying goodbye to my parents, I was finally on my own at my new home, UNSW Hall. Everyone is über friendly, and I felt instantly comfortable. O-week is definitely a concept that should happen back in the states. For an entire week, before classes started, our days were filled to the brim with activities with the college. (Different from in the states, “college” is used here as “dorm” is used back home). We did everything from beach trips to a  city wide scavenger hunt to a pub crawl. I had a blast at the indoor trampoline gym. We even had a bouncy castle out on the lawn one day! We learned a dance to a remix of Light It Up by Major Lazer, and anytime it came on, wherever we were, we burst into dance, to prepare for the inter college dance off. By the end-of-O-week party, I felt like I had already made many new friends.


On Saturday night, we got to sleep at 2 am. But on Sunday, Rachel and I were crazy enough to wake up at the lovely hour of 5:30 and walk to Coogee beach to see the sunrise. Our toes met the sand as the first rays of light shown through the clouds over the horizon. We trekked up to the rocks, and found some of our friends who stayed up all night for this. It was so worth the lack of sleep, and we have high hopes to make it a regular thing. I am definitely going to like it here.


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